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Staff Commitment


Based on our Philosophy and Core Values, each staff commits to a high level of performance. Devotion to these principles of conduct is important to fulfilling our commitment to each client and to the community. Each team member commits to check themselves daily against these core principles.

Exercise good character, honesty, and a positive attitude. Be careful, respectful, and dress in proper attire. Become mindful and considerate of the clients physical, mental, and/or spiritual needs, and learn about each client’s situation (case) individually. Serve the clients with eagerness, sincerity, and caring. Take ownership of any client problems and follow through to resolution. Conduct our duties and responsibilities with quality and energy, paying attention to detail in all tasks. Honor our clients trust, treating each person individually with respect, personal interest, and appreciation. Never share personal problems or negative issues about anything, personal or work, with a client. Be a good steward of resources and treatment. Greet everyone with a smile and a sincere verbal greeting. Be creative, open to ideas, and able to learn from our mistakes.

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